Sep 292011

This little article should make you thinking a bit about privacy data. And some more food for thought:

– Europeans have rights about their privacy data that U.S. does not give their citizens.
– Privacy data hosted in the U.S. is not safe.
– Even privacy data hosted in Europe by an U.S. company may not be safe – due to U.S. Patriot Act
– U.S. companies may soon get excluded from bids in Europe
– European companies promote safe clouds – shielding from U.S. Patriot Act
– XING, as LinkedIn competitor, is based in Germany and clearly advertises this advantage: “XING protects your privacy.”

So next time, you want to share private data with others, choose your social network wisely. You find my XING profile listed together with Twitter and LinkedIn on my Google+ profile. (I am not affiliated in any way with XING.)

Happy Networking!

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Feb 222009

Just saw this BBC news. Gordon Brown wants the banks to be the servants and not the masters of economy and society. Shouldn’t that apply to politicians, government, companies and any institution as well? Eventually we either see the worldwide societies and their institutions to go through a catharsis or we are on the brink of a global catastrophe.

BBC NEWS | UK | Brown: Banks should be ‘servants’
Brown: Banks should be ‘servants’

Jul 272008

Subtitle: How genomics & Other forces are changing your life, work health & wealth.

The book was published in 2001 when the human genome was just about to be decoded.  It is primarily about life sciences and the dramatic change the author predicts it will have for individuals, nations and companies. It is written in a provocative style to make the reader uneasy and surge for further information.

In the author words: “My objective is not to teach you everything you need to know about technology rather, to start a debate. I hope this will feel like a Chinese meal and leave you hungry to read more …”

It is a quick, provocative read – more like a snack than a full meal

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Feb 222008

This article “The Rising Risk of a Systemic Financial Meltdown: The Twelve Steps to Financial Disaster” from Nouriel Rubini reads a bit like the Book of Revelations.

Though it is about an upcoming finance meltdown and severe recession in US and potentially worldwide. You can register and read about it and other articles of the author at RGE Monitor. It is also covered in the blog entry “Twelve Steps to Financial Disaster” at

With respect to the latest news around “monoliners” (Like most I did not even heard about that a few weeks ago.) we are probably at step four of the twelve steps.

Related link: Nouriel Roubini’s Global EconoMonitor

Dec 142007

The MSNBC broadcast “Abrams report” examines the 1100 signing statements that Bush added to laws that have passed the congress – often completely reversing the intended effect of legislation. They essentially provide a cover-up for administration  and therefore weaken the checks & balances of democracy – the cornerstone of democracy.