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Jun 132011

I inspire myself with this book. I especially value this book as I see it revealing the concepts, simple guidelines and (in itself) example of a language (be it Percept, Green Speak, E-in-Sich-T or other) for individuation and making it available to a large audience.

I see the style as a merging of autobiography (family background), fiction (“written as a conversation”) and knowledge. I feel comfortable with this approach having enjoyed myself with authors such as Richard Bach, James Redfield, Robert Pirsig and Neale Donald Walsch.
I hear Jake explaining
– how human society nowadays needs to grow to overcome the obstacles we created
– how this can be achieved by personal growth from a ego-centric, ethno-centric to a world-centric perspective
– and how a a specific way of using language can help us individuate on this path
By the world-centric view I connect Jake with other authors sharing a similar viewpoint (though eluding completely different knowledge) e.g. Bruce H Lipton and Gunter Dueck.
I interpret Green Psychology and Green Speak as Jake’s individuation of what John & Joyce Weir originally developed.
I read somebody writing that John Weir would have said of this work: “He’s doing himself. He’s doing the best he can with what he’s got. That’s all he can do.” And I fully agree! This is exactly how I experience and rate this book: he did the best he could – profound, honest and individuated.
I thank Jake for this book.

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Jun 122011

Bruce H Lipton did it again – and this time with lots of humour thanks to co-author Steve Bhaerman. Lipton takes the intertwining of science and spirit from his first book, The Biology of Belief, one step further.

You experience what you think/believe. Our “stories” subconsciously determine what we think/believe. For the society as a whole there is an “official” truth provider that determines what are the stories. The “official” truth provider is the one who can provide the best answers to three perennial questions:
1. How did we get here?
2. Why we are here?
3. Now that we’re here, how do we make the best of it?
“Official” truth providers have changed over time basing their truths on a combination of the spiritual and material realms. Observing the changing truth providers in human history we observe an oscillation that nowadays move back from the material realm towards the spiritual realms.
Lipton envisions that we move from the material “Neo-Darwinism” towards a new balanced “Holism” – with the outcome of the Human Genome Project being a key point in the shift towards the balance point.
Lipton proclaims four major “myth-perceptions” from the Neo-Darwinism and outlines how these are perceived based a new “Holism” paradigm.
However we did not just come full circle where we started – meaning Animism. Humanity has progressed and becomes a new higher-level organism made out of humans.
Whether you have a more religious/spiritual or scientific/material background, Lipton lays out a “belief system”, an interpretation of history and a prediction of the future that you might resist to consume. The humour spread out through the whole book helps you to digest – presumably thanks to co-author Steve Bhaerman.
I for myself can full-heartedly recommend to read it. Just imagine!

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Mar 272011

Sometimes less is more. This book is not a complete, exhaustive language guide but a condensed compilation of the good and bad parts of this hodge-podge that Javascript is.

The author has the courage of leaving out the mondane parts of the language and not providing a complete reference. This allows him to focus on those parts of the language where you scratch your head and wonder whether you consider the concepts ingenious or insane. This book assists you in making your mind up. While the good parts make up most chapters of the book, the bad parts are pushed back into the appendix.

I purchased the e-book edition directly from O’Reilly Media. They provide e-books in various file formats – all DRM-free.

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Jan 222011

It is an understatement if I would say I had neglected our Web site and my subdomain. There was nothing for over a year.

Of course, there are lots of good reason. Jessica kept me busy as a father. Then work kept me busy. In addition there is Facebook and Twitter now.

Nevertheless I spend a bit of time over the last few weeks on the site. Most of the things under the hood: moved from webhosting to vserver, switched provider, upgraded to Drupal 6, learned about drush, got a Mac based blog editor (MarsEdit).

There are still few edges left after the upgrade. Some views and panels not yet redone. And some cosmetics – I currently run an out-of-the-box template without any customization.

Now I can start being active again. Certainly this will mean some rebalancing of blogging, tweeting and “facebooking” (how do you call that?).

Happy New Year!

Nov 252010

The third book of the “Millenium Trilogy”. I loved to read all three books and could not put down either of them. I definitely would recommend the trilogy.

Actually I read the e-book version.

I also watched the movies for the trilogy – with German synchronisation and 180 min each. I enjoyed reviving many scenes from the book even though significant parts of the story were left out to fit it into the format.

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Nov 212010

The second book of the “Millenium Trilogy”. I loved to read the sequel and could not put it down – like the first one. The end is a bit abrupt but by now you know there is a third book. I definitely would recommend the trilogy.

I also watched the movies for the trilogy – with German synchronisation and 180 min each. I enjoyed reviving many scenes from the book even though significant parts of the story were left out to fit it into the format.

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Mar 242009

This is absolutely amazing. It seems that they provide the final technical breakthrough that is needed to make reading a digital experience. Though still another year away from production. Obviously, they want to steer up the hype, now that Amazon and Sony try to rapidly gain market share now that the e-book market is ready for primetime.

Mar 052009

Daniel Tammet is a prodigy savant, of which there are apparently less than 50 alive in the world. His speciality lies with numbers and words. He has proven to learn a language in a week and learn more than 20000 digits of the number pi by heart in less than three months.

He is unique in being able to live a fairly independent life, able to communicate and even able to describe his capabilities. He gives a glimpse of his mental capabilities and a lot of details of how he grew up. The constraints of having asperger syndrome and epilepsies, the huge milestones of achievements that seem simple to ordinary people.

The book is an autobiography he wrote when he was still in his twenties. What makes it extraordinary is that he stays honest, down to earth and focuses a lot on what he might be able to share and give to others.

I wonder what we will see from him ten or twenty years from now.

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