Aug 072012

I am surprised how little rumours are about the iPod Nano while all is about iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

iPhone 5
Wider screen, smaller dock connector, smaller SIM card, high-speed LTE. Nothing revolutionary, right?

iPad Mini
Oh yes, it is a smaller version of the iPad. Probably with the iPad 2 screen resolution and a more appealing price tag. Nice but not exciting.

iPod Touch
Better speed, larger screen. good, but .. well.

So what about the iPod Nano?

I reckon that Apple will announce a “revolutionary”“magic”“beautiful” new iPod Nano in September. I have no insider knowledge whatsoever. This is just me reflecting on what I consider another lucrative market ready to harvest. Here is my reasoning

  • Design: Watch
    The form factor of the iPod Nano makes it a very lucrative wearable device – like a watch (wristband) or brooch (clip). The success ofTikTok and Lunatik wristbands, the Pebble watch and the I’m Watch gadget is enough proof.
    “Apple is fixing the Pebble watch’s biggest flaw?” How generous! Apple is rather providing this capability for their own watch!
  • Technology: Bluetooth 4.0
    The lower power consumption of Bluetooth 4.0 leads to new wearable gadgets collecting personal data and transmitting it to a hub device without much recharging.
    The scenarios and sensors already exist: heart rate, pulse, blood flow, temperature, sleep patterns, steps, scales ..
    It will be interesting to see which display technology Apple will pick. E-Ink? Pixel Qi?
  • Strategy: Platform
    A personal hub that collects and displays data from the various sensors in a secure, ‘standardized’ way provides a perfect platform strategy. This nicely complements the larger iTunes and App Store platform on the lower end.In June Apple announced partnership with major automobile companies for the “Siri-enabled Eyes Free” car integration. I expect another partnership announcement around the iPod Nano and sensors. My candidates: Polar, Nike, some players in the health sector and some innovative companies such as Withings.
  • Money: New market, high profit margin
    I expect they can drop the base price for the iPod Nano below $100 (even $80?) including clip and still make significant profit. They can earn more money with a smart wristband copying the approach of the iPad Smart Cover.

Again, all of this is pure speculation. It just seems very compelling to me.

So what do you think?

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