Sep 292011

This little article should make you thinking a bit about privacy data. And some more food for thought:

– Europeans have rights about their privacy data that U.S. does not give their citizens.
– Privacy data hosted in the U.S. is not safe.
– Even privacy data hosted in Europe by an U.S. company may not be safe – due to U.S. Patriot Act
– U.S. companies may soon get excluded from bids in Europe
– European companies promote safe clouds – shielding from U.S. Patriot Act
– XING, as LinkedIn competitor, is based in Germany and clearly advertises this advantage: “XING protects your privacy.”

So next time, you want to share private data with others, choose your social network wisely. You find my XING profile listed together with Twitter and LinkedIn on my Google+ profile. (I am not affiliated in any way with XING.)

Happy Networking!

[Originally posted on Google+]