Jun 122011

Bruce H Lipton did it again – and this time with lots of humour thanks to co-author Steve Bhaerman. Lipton takes the intertwining of science and spirit from his first book, The Biology of Belief, one step further.

You experience what you think/believe. Our “stories” subconsciously determine what we think/believe. For the society as a whole there is an “official” truth provider that determines what are the stories. The “official” truth provider is the one who can provide the best answers to three perennial questions:
1. How did we get here?
2. Why we are here?
3. Now that we’re here, how do we make the best of it?
“Official” truth providers have changed over time basing their truths on a combination of the spiritual and material realms. Observing the changing truth providers in human history we observe an oscillation that nowadays move back from the material realm towards the spiritual realms.
Lipton envisions that we move from the material “Neo-Darwinism” towards a new balanced “Holism” – with the outcome of the Human Genome Project being a key point in the shift towards the balance point.
Lipton proclaims four major “myth-perceptions” from the Neo-Darwinism and outlines how these are perceived based a new “Holism” paradigm.
However we did not just come full circle where we started – meaning Animism. Humanity has progressed and becomes a new higher-level organism made out of humans.
Whether you have a more religious/spiritual or scientific/material background, Lipton lays out a “belief system”, an interpretation of history and a prediction of the future that you might resist to consume. The humour spread out through the whole book helps you to digest – presumably thanks to co-author Steve Bhaerman.
I for myself can full-heartedly recommend to read it. Just imagine!

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