Jun 132011

I inspire myself with this book. I especially value this book as I see it revealing the concepts, simple guidelines and (in itself) example of a language (be it Percept, Green Speak, E-in-Sich-T or other) for individuation and making it available to a large audience.

I see the style as a merging of autobiography (family background), fiction (“written as a conversation”) and knowledge. I feel comfortable with this approach having enjoyed myself with authors such as Richard Bach, James Redfield, Robert Pirsig and Neale Donald Walsch.
I hear Jake explaining
– how human society nowadays needs to grow to overcome the obstacles we created
– how this can be achieved by personal growth from a ego-centric, ethno-centric to a world-centric perspective
– and how a a specific way of using language can help us individuate on this path
By the world-centric view I connect Jake with other authors sharing a similar viewpoint (though eluding completely different knowledge) e.g. Bruce H Lipton and Gunter Dueck.
I interpret Green Psychology and Green Speak as Jake’s individuation of what John & Joyce Weir originally developed.
I read somebody writing that John Weir would have said of this work: “He’s doing himself. He’s doing the best he can with what he’s got. That’s all he can do.” And I fully agree! This is exactly how I experience and rate this book: he did the best he could – profound, honest and individuated.
I thank Jake for this book.

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