Jan 222011

It is an understatement if I would say I had neglected our Web site and my subdomain. There was nothing for over a year.

Of course, there are lots of good reason. Jessica kept me busy as a father. Then work kept me busy. In addition there is Facebook and Twitter now.

Nevertheless I spend a bit of time over the last few weeks on the site. Most of the things under the hood: moved from webhosting to vserver, switched provider, upgraded to Drupal 6, learned about drush, got a Mac based blog editor (MarsEdit).

There are still few edges left after the upgrade. Some views and panels not yet redone. And some cosmetics – I currently run an out-of-the-box template without any customization.

Now I can start being active again. Certainly this will mean some rebalancing of blogging, tweeting and “facebooking” (how do you call that?).

Happy New Year!