Mar 052009

Daniel Tammet is a prodigy savant, of which there are apparently less than 50 alive in the world. His speciality lies with numbers and words. He has proven to learn a language in a week and learn more than 20000 digits of the number pi by heart in less than three months.

He is unique in being able to live a fairly independent life, able to communicate and even able to describe his capabilities. He gives a glimpse of his mental capabilities and a lot of details of how he grew up. The constraints of having asperger syndrome and epilepsies, the huge milestones of achievements that seem simple to ordinary people.

The book is an autobiography he wrote when he was still in his twenties. What makes it extraordinary is that he stays honest, down to earth and focuses a lot on what he might be able to share and give to others.

I wonder what we will see from him ten or twenty years from now.

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