Apr 202008

Derren Brown is known for his stage performances and television programs Derren Brown: Mind ControlTrick of the Mind and Trick or Treat. He introduced the Trick of the Mind programmes stating that it is a combination of Magic, Suggestion, Psychology, Misdirection and Showmanship”. He considers it best described as mentalism.

Some of his performances such as Russian Roulette, The Heist or a reenactment of the Milgram Experiment have caused quite a bit of controversy in Britain.

In the book he provides a glimpse into the kind of skills he uses in his show: magic tricks, memorizing, hypnosis, NLP, cold reading and so on. He spices it up with anecdotes of his life which provide good insight into his sceptical view especially about the esoteric industry and any kind of “true believers” including his personal experience with Christianity.

He references Richard Dawkins a few times and especially the first chapter leaves the impression that he is an outspoken atheist. Beyond all the showmanship his shows provide an insight how much our mind can be manipulated or misguided which may help the audience to be less manipulated by others in everyday’s life.

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