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Neale D. Walsch comments that this is the final book publishing his more than a decade ongoing conversation with God. The book covers some of the typical questions about death: What happens after death? What is death? Are there heaven and hell? Is there life after death?

I have read the “Conversations with God” trilogy enthusiastically. The style felt completely authentic and the books were full of new insights. I have a mixed impression of “Home with God”. The conversation feels a bit superficious, blended in are longer passages of experiences that the author has made or reciting those of people he has met or has received letters from. I have read many of the statements elsewhere. The book is definitely not as thought provoking and breath taking as the “Conversations with God”.

I read only the German translated version, so it is hard to tell whether the book lost its power in translation. If that is a hint, I do not think the subtitle was translated adequately. “In a life that never ends” becomes “Über das Leben nach dem Tode” which means “About life after death”.

The translated title makes death some event that separates life before and after. However one of the book’s message is that death is merely a transformation and life itself goes on continuously (a life that never ends).

I prefer reading English books to avoid loss of nuances and subtle notions. (The book was a present.)

On the other side the book provides some new insights to me. The author describes a detailed script of what we experience “after death” that was new to me. It is a transition in three stages and only after the last stage the door finally closes. In these three we disassociate with the body, the mind and finally the soul to become one again in God like a drop of water returning in the ocean.

“And when you no longer fear dying, you no longer fear living.”

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