Sep 212007

There are several recent announcements or news of upcoming e-book readers. It seems to me that they are now ready for primetime.

  • iRex iLiad 2nd Edition
    No huge improvements, but 20% more battery life is always welcome.
  • Bookeen Cybook
    Comes with 6″ screen with 600 x 800 resolution and no touchscreen. Nice form factor (pocket friendly), supposedly very long battery life and much cheaper than the (quite) pricy iLiad.
  • Jinke Hanlin eReader V9
    This new e-book reader has A4 size and an optional touchscreen. It is scheduled for end of year (without the touchscreen).
  • Amazon Kindle
    There are rumours about an e-book reader from Amazon for over a year. A recent New York Times articlemakes this a widespread news.

I really like the look and form factor of the Bookeen Cybook.

A good source about the e-book market is TeleRead.