May 202007

Yesterday the Stuttgart soccer team (VfB Stuttgart) became German champion. Stuttgart turned into a big party house with 200.000 people. this even topped the party time we had at the worldcup last year.

Like the worldcup changed a bit the image of the serious Germans in the world, this gives some new impressions of the “grumpy” Swabians.

Deutscher Meister auf der Love-Parade

Obviously this means there will be some champions league matches in Stuttgart next season – an opportunity to come over and visit Stuttgart and get a first hand impression of how Germany is nowadays.

As a side note: while Karlsruhe made it into the first league (1. Bundesliga), Freiburg was not successful. So there will be only one team from Baden (as in Baden-Wuerttemberg).

Source: VfB Stuttgart 1893 e.V.